why sorrel & sage?

After years of battling all manner of allergies and sensitivities to the ingredients in store-bought skincare and lifestyle products, I decided to make my own. To that end, I'm deeply invested in how our products make you feel, and how they contribute to an overall sense of well-being.

So with all of the natural beauty companies out there, why Sorrel & Sage?

From face care and body serums to bath salts and energy sprays, each Sorrel & Sage product is formulated to promote and enhance the self-care experience—for a healthier, more balanced you. This is reflected in the values we uphold with every offering:

We use high-quality, organic, sustainable raw materials wherever and whenever we can. Everything from our butters and oils to our bath salts, candles and teas are made so the power of nature and its healing benefits shine through in each product. It's our mission to keep every product as hypoallergenic* as possible by eliminating the most common allergens: nuts and nut oils, palm and/or palm kernel oils, coconut or derivatives, and soy. 

Everything in our line is made with the intention of being the only products you'll ever need as part of a healthy skincare or self-care routine. To suit, the products in every pillar are designed to give you more of what you need, and nothing you don't.

We offer simple, lovely products that nourish and enhance your skin and soul with only the most essential ingredients. Since all Sorrel & Sage products are designed to work separately or in conjunction with one another, you can mix and match according to what your needs are in the moment. Customize and combine to achieve maximum benefit, optimal results. 

    We are working on minimalist packaging solutions to save raw materials and eliminate waste. Currently we use smaller boxes to use less in the way of void fill materials like bubble wrap or packing paper; eventually the switch will be made to bubble mailers and eco-friendly mailing envelopes to minimize or eliminate altogether the use of void fill materials.

    We are also moving away from using non-recyclable or virgin plastics, and endeavour to replace all of our containers with recyclable, refillable and/or reusable glass packaging by the end of 2024.